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The Koumartzis family is a new generation family of instrument makers, who believe that knowledge is to be shared. For this reason, we do not keep secrets from anyone who wants to deal with this art … because art is what we care about. Anastasios Koumartzis, the father of the family has already written two separate guides describing production and calculation of the components for the construction of the carved baglama and also for the pear-shaped musical instrument. Moreover, luthier seminars will be organized for beginner and advanced level!

Το σκαφτό Μπαγλαμαδάκι

Α.Ν.Ε.Μ.Ο (iWrite Publications, 2010)

Design and construction of a musical instruments is not only art but science too. The factors involved in shaping a quality musical instrument are many: the sound quality of wood, the shape of the body, the proportions of its parts, the glaze, the resistance etc.

Inside the book you hold in your hands you will get in touch with all the above parameters.  You will understand what helps and what does not in the construction of a good musical instrument, in shaping the sound generated. Through hundreds of drawings, paintings, photographs, illustrations, individual advice for each institution you will get in touch with a new way of manufacturing musical instruments.

As stated by the author and instrument maker, Anastasios I. Koumartzis: “This book is for me a magical journey. The writing of a love obsession with process data and passion. The validity of a bet. Proposals deposit both theoretical and structural level is the result of personal study, experimentation and intelligence.”

In conclusion, this book is addressed both to lovers of recreational nurseries itechnikis creation, and the semi-professional and professional luthiers. Not in the traditional manner of construction, but proposes a new approach that leads to automated production thoughtful musical instruments.

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Το σκαφτό Μπαγλαμαδάκι

Skafto Baglmadaki (Publications Assos Koupa, 2007)

The construction of a musical instrument is for sure a technical process. In this book we will try to explain it mainly through Mathematics and Physics.

We will plan with Geometry, we will calculate resonance with the laws of physics and mark the frets with mathematical calculations.

We will select suitable wood and construct a baglamas step by step, following detailed instructions

Get this unique guide for luthiers …

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Consider one by one the stages of production, using the examples provided for better understanding.

Getting deeper

Not just presented a production process, but expanded and explained a comprehensive mathematical model behind the construction of a remarkable instrument.


Developing video-drivers in the author’s laboratory with direct references to the pages of his work, make more interactive communication of the reader to the book.


The author Anastasios Koumartzis is always available to solve questions and give advice to aspiring or even professional luthiers.

Seminars for luthiers: Statement of Interest!

Already organized Instrument Making courses for beginner and advanced level, which gives rise to all the techniques described in two books of the author. Priority of course are those who have bought the books, due to the greater familiarity with the techniques will be taught.